February 16 horoscope for cancer

Trust news that seems too good to be true; it is true.

Free Weekly Horoscope – February 10 to February 16

You might be very excited by what you hear. A loved one could be difficult. Tonight: Just don't be alone. You might be feeling as though you want some downtime. You also might appreciate some time with a loved one in a quiet setting. Whatever you choose, you will sense peace. An issue in your day-to-day life could become difficult at the last minute.

Tonight: If need be, adjust plans. Zero in on what you want. Join friends who might be out watching a game or going to the movies. You will relax. As a result, interactions with a loved one could become much easier. Ignore a tantrum. Tonight: You can be found where the action is. No matter what you do, tension seems to mount. You might feel as though a close loved one is prone to tantrums that cause trouble whenever you're not at the person's beck and call. You could be disappointed with a roommate or a domestic matter. Tonight: A must appearance.

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If you're feeling irritated, look at the big picture. A situation that you might not be comfortable with could evolve, and you share those feelings. Be creative in looking for a mutually acceptable alternative.

Feb 16th 12222 Astrology calendar

Tonight: Don't worry about plans that change. Despite how playful you can be, you express an innate caution at getting too involved in plans that could cost you. You may think that you know the price; however, you could experience a surprise. Confusion surrounds your home. Tonight: Keep your budget.

Daily Horoscope Cancer February 16, 2017

Others dominate, and you might as well go along with what's happening. If you decide to go your own way, then a problem, argument or power struggle could ensue. Knowing that consequences could follow, you must decide how badly you want to do your own thing.

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Tonight: Speak your mind. A project that you want to or must complete might be on the back burner. Others try to persuade you to join them.

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Be direct; let them know that you will as soon as you can. Late in the day, fatigue and frustration might become issues. Tonight: Honour your limits. Your creativity emerges when dealing with others. If someone you care about has a hassle, you could be in there clearing out the situation. Be around a friend who has a childlike quality. Don't allow someone who's stiff to ruin a good time. Tonight: Ever playful. Expect someone you know to need a hand, and you are the one able to help.

Something you've been hoping for is worth the wait. An answer you've been hoping for comes to you either through a trusted friend or scenario where the truth resonates with your intuition. Today, search for a balance between mind and spirit as the universe lends a hand. You are one in a million and it's your uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Embrace it. There's a chance that your skills may actually be what you need to make your dreams come true. A situation opens up soon giving you much to be thankful for in the near future. Remember that love conquers all fear.

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  • A project or relationship that may have given you cause for concern reveals that you're stronger than you thought. Use your discernment to guide your decisions and listen to your instincts.

    Today, expect a healing of your spirit and a boost to your confidence. A choice you make creates little waves of change in various areas of your life, that are all promising. What you hoped for reveals itself as a possibility. There's room for sharing with others but practice grace. Today, a bonding comes into play by the end of the day. This could be a connection of intentions, goals with someone close, or even just a situation resolving to a close. Your energy levels will need a little more TLC than usual. You're about to experience a deep connection with your inner power.

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    While other signs turn inward, you seek adventure. Today, expect an opportunity to open up that allows you to explore. Perhaps you have been working on a personal problem that needed much attention until now. A goal you've set for yourself requires some perseverance and faith. Don't lose hope. Today, celebrate even the smallest victories. A project or situation opens up the door to a new healing. Your sense of balance and determination benefit most. Today, expect harmony in your work and home relationships. Dig into your true self and things will work your way.

    Your inner magnetism draws people to you and your ability to attract what you want flows easily your way. Today, even your negative traits are positive. A project or situation that you've been hoping for manifests itself into your life sooner than you might have expected. A few skills will be needed as you wait. Plan to exercise your listening skills. A part of you may need to tap into nature and allow yourself some room to breathe as you prepare for a new responsibility.